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Madala Elephant Pattern Bedding Set

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Elephant Meaning 🐘
The elephant is a sign of strength and unyielding resoluteness in most forms, while the white elephant is considered particularly special in some cultures due to its rarity and purity. In Buddhism, the grey elephant is a symbol of the untrained mind which is more prone to wander or deviate from the path of enlightenment. With practice and patience, it is believed that the ability to control one’s thoughts through mindfulness and meditation to achieve true enlightenment is possible, and this state is represented by the white elephant as a transformation of sorts. Other common depictions of the elephant in mandala designs represent:
  • Mental and physical fortitude
  • Strength of spirit
  • Prosperity
  • Good luck
  • Rain bringing
  • As a form of the Buddha or deity

The reason the white elephant is considered so special in Buddhism in particular, is that it is believed that Buddha Shakyamuni was born as an elephant in some incarnations and as a white elephant in his last incarnation, reaching enlightenment. Ganesh is also represented with an elephant-like face, while the elephant is also one of the Seven Royal Symbols and a guardian of the temples.


Pattern: Printed
Type: Duvet Cover Sets - 3pieces
Material: 100% Polyester
Bedding Set Style: Bohemia
Duvet Cover Size: 200x200/200x230/228x228/228x264cm

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